amxx плагины кс 1.6

amxx плагины кс 1.6
29Jul 2013

amxx плагины кс 1.6

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Power shafts That you at movement and management of car did not feel influence of power shafts on a steering, hinges of power shafts should transfer force in all positions of shock-absorbers and a wheel absolutely in regular intervals. The problem of hinges which on one settle down on each end of power shafts consists in it. In series Audi A4 we deal with two various types of hinges: First, in Audi A4 are available so-called гомокинетические hinges (the synchronised hinges). Their function is based on back and forth motion of six balls on specially ground directing at a hinge bend. Thus, at any possible angle of slope of a power shaft in the car absolutely uniform transfer of force is carried out. Gomokinetichesky hinges are established in all cars with a mechanical transmission and with the four-cylinder engine, and also in all cars quattro with a mechanical transmission (ahead and behind). Besides, they are established as external hinges in cars with an automatic transmission and in cars with six-cylinder engines. So-called трипод it is established as the internal hinge, i.e. From outside transmissions, on cars with an automatic transmission (in front and all-wheel drive, but only ahead) and in cars with six-cylinder engines (with a forward drive). Instead of six balls this hinge has three rollers on needle roller bearings. Advantage of this design: a hill-climbing gear of fluctuations from a drive to a body.

Англичане узнали специальности злонамеренных нарушителей скорости Ноябрь 1, 2014 admin Английский веб-сайт составил перечень специальностей, агенты которых считаются злобными правонарушителями скоростного режима, сообщает газета Daily Mail. Специалисты проверили порядка 14 млн заказов, отданных на оберегание машин за 2012 год. По итогам изучения обнаружилось, что реже других нарушают скоростной режим люди с повышенной самооценкой и повышенной заработной платой, из-за которой они имеют возможность позволить себе […] Рубрики Рейтинги Нет коммент.

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