кс 1.6 плагин voteban

кс 1.6 плагин voteban
29Jul 2013

кс 1.6 плагин voteban

дефиниция терминов

The turbine турбокомпрессора (2) is put in action by pressure of the following fulfilled gases. The lopastnoe wheel (1) on the party всасывания is set in motion by passing shaft with the big frequency of rotation at the expense of what soaked up air can be condensed. In combustion chambers arrives much more air providing raised capacity or higher twisting moment. As soon as pressure in the chamber всасывания becomes above necessary, the vacuum box of adjustment (3) pressure of pressurisation opens bypass the channel and passes a part of the fulfilled gases by турбокомпрессора in exhaust system. The electromagnetic valve of adjustment of pressure of pressurisation is built in an operating tube (4) for the account of influence of heights on pressure of pressurisation. Air; The Fulfilled gas. If Audi Turbo develops considerably lowered capacity or the maximum speed is not reached, the reason can be in faulty турбокомпрессоре . Before search of malfunctions it is necessary to be convinced that the engine and injection system of serviceability. The reason Your help

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